Learn to Scuba Dive - Puerto Escondido, Mexico
At Puerto Dive Center we offer a broad range of dive courses geared for everyone from the absolute beginner to the most experienced diver. No previous dive experience is required! We offer group classes and one on one instruction for your convenience. Please call us: From Puerto Escondido – 044 954 10 27767, from the U.S. - 011 52 954 102 7767, or fill out our contact form to get started today!

All Prices in US Dollars
Your first step into the underwater world! This course teaches you the basics of Scuba Diving, equipment use and most of all, safe diving practices. Classroom and pool sessions are scheduled for the first two days followed by two days of openwater diving, finishing up with the final exam. START TODAY - only $320
This course allows you to get great one on one instruction, but is arranged around your schedule. This Dive Course can be completed in just 4 days or spread out over several weeks. E-MAIL FOR PRICE
Structured to allow you to complete all of your classroom and pool sessions here at Puerto Dive Center in scheduled classes. Later, you complete your Openwater Certification Dives at the resort of your choice. This is a great choice for vacations where you want to include Scuba Diving. $190
Complete all of your confined water, book work and test then, come to Puerto Escondido where the water is warm, and the underwater life is fascinating. Once here in Puerto, all we have to do is go diving! You will need to complete 4 openwater dives, and skills, then you will be ready for the fun dives. No more skills just relax and check it out. $225
If you have been Openwater Certified, but it has been a while since you have actually been in the water blowing bubbles? This program is for you! This course refreshes your beginning level skills and equipment knowledge. Just one two-hour pool session will allow you to dive with confidence again. This calss includes a one-tank dive in the big blue. Full pool session and one dive for $75
The next step in your diving education. This program offers experience in five specialty areas. Dives that are included in the course are Night Diving, Underwater Navigation, and Deep Diving. Two additional Specialty Dives will be chosen the first day of class. There is one classroom session with five dives scheduled over 2 to 3 days. This is a chance to gather some bottom time under a variety of diving conditions. This course offers you additional skills and the added confidence that you can dive safely under any circumstances. $220
This course emphasizes three separate areas of safety - how to identify problems before they become a rescue situation, how to help a fellow diver in trouble and how to get yourself out of trouble. Two classroom sessions and two days of Openwater training over the course of four days. This will make you both a stronger diver and a better dive buddy. $320
This is the first step in higher education where the diver learns the skills needed to assist an instructor during training activities and lead fun dives. Two classroom sessions a week for four weeks give you instructor level knowledge in diving theory. One week of pool training will start you on the right path to assist your instructor with his classes. Finally you will have some on-the-job training through an Internship of three Openwater courses working with students and your instructor. It is here for the first time you will assume the responsibility of having the welfare of other divers in your charge. (Internships also available). Price based on certification level.

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